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Freelance Musician, Game Developer and Father of Two!

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  1. Pinned Tweet
    14 Aug 2016

    A new track from me, is now available on my bandcamp. Something a little atmospheric! Let me know what you think:

  2. 2 hours ago

    F/C Just one of the alternatives I talk about in my new blog post: Don’t Be Scared of F Major

  3. 6 hours ago

    "Music has been proven to be a great stress reliever, and coming from a father of Twins, it's very true!."

  4. Oct 17

    My little mini-rant on instrumental practice. Don’t get caught up in the drills! .

  5. Oct 17

    Just published a new article: Don’t Be Scared of F Major

  6. Oct 16

    Hot off the press: Useful Apps for New Guitarists

  7. Oct 13

    "For example, say you’re soloing, and you slip, and you play something that’s not in the key, just slide it up!"

  8. Oct 8

    Just released a new blog post on Useful Apps you can use on guitar!

  9. Retweeted
    Sep 7

    Out today! Get your ears on by Narrated by the author.

  10. Retweeted
    Sep 7

    LYING DIRTY SCAMMERS have taken £19k off a vulernable man using fake facebook ads about me. Pls help by RTing this

  11. Aug 21

    "Life doesn’t seem to stop these days, we’re always running around trying to get work finished!"

  12. Aug 14

    "I know countless examples of when I’ve made mistakes during practice, or even during a performance"

  13. Aug 4

    "Going hand in hand with reducing stress, it also helps boost your creativity, when you have a basic..."

  14. Retweeted
    Jul 30

    A lot of ppl at CoxCon sweetly said they couldn't believe I had anxiety bc I talked to them so normally. The truth:

  15. Jul 28

    "Y’never know… Explore your surroundings, and share music with all!"

  16. Jul 28
  17. Jul 21

    Just published a new article: Why Should I Learn Guitar?

  18. Jul 21

    "No matter how much we try avoid it mistakes happen"

  19. Jul 14

    "The way I see it if there’s a mistake there’s progress to be made"

  20. Jul 1

    My new sounds: 21 Day Of Video Game Music - Day 1 on

  21. Jun 30

    Another Day, another Log...although today I decided to sing when I still had a sore throat...not a good idea

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