A fascinating use of loop pedals and synths...and a puppet 😊


For the next 21 days I'm going to be partaking in the Video Game Music Academy's #21DaysofVGM where I compose 2-4 bars of music every day Here is day one:

Transcription from a riff I played on Guitar, to a synth and a few other instruments just to flesh it out. Find out more: Writing 2 - 4 bars a music every day fo
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When Dennis first approached me for music, he had a clear vision in mind for his Main Theme, he sent me a beautiful titlescreen (which features in the video below). It just so happened I had been working on a World Themes resource pack for Degica, which ended up becoming Egyptian Memories, and I had done a lot of research into Egyptian culture, and how music was created. This theme needed to have a sense of foreboding, and mystery.

"In the 7th hour, the incarnated chaos itself,
a giant serpent, known as Apophis appears and
tries to stop Re from his mission"

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Welcome to 2017! Creating a game in itself is a very difficult thing to do, but finishing a game, is even harder. For the first day of the year I'd like to introduce and discuss a little bit about the completed projects I've worked on in the last year. The first one is Re & Apophis by . I'll be dropping screenshots throughout the day, alongside links to the original soundtrack as we go! If you'd like to download the game feel free to visit their website: for downloads! Happy New Year

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Although this might be a little late I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year from me, to all of you, whether a commissioner or someone who is just looking for the next free track from me. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am today. So although it sounds cliche as hell...Thankyou

After 4 days solid in the studio, my new template is completed and ready for use! Let the music writing re-commence!

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So my website is back up on a temporary basis, for information about the music I write and the rates I have you can use the contact form on the front page A new sexy website will be back soon (with the store I've been promising for ages...)

So it took a little longer than previously hoped, but now the studio is completely setup, and ready to go, really looking forward to getting back to composing again, after painting, moving unpacking boxes...and who knows what else! Let the music return!

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Today was the first release... of my Futuristic Resource Pack...

I've done it! Finally my first music pack has been completed. You can purchase it on my website!

Welcome to JStewart home of the Music Producer Jonathan Stewart aka Jonnie91. On this site you will find all of my work hosted in one place. This is where you can find out my latest tracks and also hire me for your own projects.

i will be away from work this week due to moving into a new house and all my equipment is in boxes. I am aiming to be back this time next week (27 August.) sorry for any inconvenience caused to any
of my current clients but will be aiming to be back as close to that date as possible.

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Another game that I composed a number of tracks for has just been released and is now available. You can view the game via the AudioGame forums. I'll be uploading a preview of the two tracks I composed for this Audio Game shortly.

VGStorm Presents Manamon, a new fully featured RPG! (Page 1) — New releases room — Forum — Discuss audio games!

One of my personal favourite royalty free resources created in the past few years. It Can Go Anywhere is now available on the Scirra Store. #RoyaltyFree #MusicProduction

This was made to hopefully bring a feeling of perseverance and knowledge that you can get through the hard times when life throws it at you! (Cover Art by Ceci

As part of the new releases by RPG Maker Web Egyptian Memories, is now also available on Steam. It's also 15% off as well! Grab it while you can!

Egyptian Memories brings you five tracks inspired by sounds from the Middle East.